"I would like to take this opportunity to convey my thanks in regards to the treatment I received for my shoulder. For some month, I had consulted the NHS as I could not move my arm above shoulder height, or reach behind or the side and painful. After the first treatment I was able to raise my arm fully and also reach my seat belt with ease. The subsequent treatments ensured that any residual dullness as eased away, and I am now totally pain free and able to use my arm to its full capacity."

"After just one visit I felt extremely relaxed and happy that I made the right choice to try acupuncture. I was a heave smoker. Smoking 25-30 cigarettes in a day and after one session I was down to 9 cigarettes. After 3 more sessions and some massage I am now down to 6 cigarettes a day and am very confident I will be a non-smoker at the end of my course. I have had no side-effects or withdrawal symptoms and have  found acupuncture extremely helpful and relaxing. Thank you so much."

"Having never experienced acupuncture & massage from your treasured doctor with 13 sessions, the amazing relief is unbelievable. My osteoarthritis & rheumatoid arthritis has been horrifically painful holding up my daily life in many ways for over 30 years. Now I have pain-free, cramp-free, pain needles +numbness free in the back, hips, legs & hands. My daily life marvellous. Plus more energy, therefore better circulation. You have got down to the root of the matter that others could not. It tells its own story. I have my life back, many thanks."

"After going to a fertility clinic for almost 2 years, I heard about Chinese herbs and acupuncture and decided to go down in town as I felt that I needed to try something else. Ten months later, after daily herbs and weekly acupuncture I am now almost 12 weeks pregnant. You just have to believe and most important relax and let the medicine do its work! Thank you."

"I have suffered with colitis for a  number of years, and the usual course of treatment is steroids. I was unfortunate enough to suffer another episode of colitis in May this year and could not face taking steroids again, and so tried a course of acupuncture. I was open-minded as to the success or otherwise of the treatment but, at the present time, I am completely and back to my old self. The treatment involved making up herbal teas that I found a challenge as some weren’t so pleasant, but I persevered as I was told they worked in harmony with the treatment with the treatment prescribed. I found the whole treatment to be very therapeutic, and acupuncture itself to be very restful."

"When I came here in September I was exhausted, anxious and had numb fingers from word processing and driving. I also had irritable bowel syndrome form stress and food allergy. After a course of acupuncture, massage and herbs I feel 10 years younger, a new woman. I recommend the treatments very highly indeed."